Working with Businesses & Partnering

On Site Treatment & Ergonomics

BainsPhysio™ is keen to establish partnerships with local businesses to help them manage one of the biggest causes of absence from work - back and neck pain.

Various repetitive injuries during work can often cause severe and incapacitating symptoms such as referred pains, aches and uneasy feelings. These often lead to reduced productivity of staff, increased sickness absence, and temporary or permanent disability.

Common causes include;

  • heavy lifting or the moving of heavy objects
  • repetitive or forceful movements
  • poor posture
  • exposure to vibration at work
  • poor ergonomics (workstation or equipment set up)
  • generally unsafe work environments

Evidence shows the longer a person is off work the less likely they are to return, therefore, BainsPhysio™ and PHYSIOfitness™ “Feel Good Centre” aim to:-

  • Prevent and Minimize the incidence of musculo-skeletal disorders in the work place
  • Provide proactive access to physiotherapy assessment and treatment eg. “Joint Screening”
  • Work with employers and employees to help patient’s who are staying at home due to injuries.
  • Possibility of having an in-house clinic to very huge companies to see that the workers go for their Physiotherapy and get back to work.
  • Possibility of having a PHYSIOfitness™ Feel Good Centre” established within the workplace of a large factory to provide a pro-active management of the would-to-be arising problems.
  • Workshops to encourage physical activity, good posture and self-management strategies at work and at home
  • Provide training to the supervisors at the work-place to learn exercises that could be conducted before the workers commence work every morning.

This approach to workplace injury management is cost effective as it reduces the amount of time the worker spends away from the workplace and, if required, can allow numerous employees to be seen in one session. An added benefit of on-site Physiotherapy is that quick and convenient feedback on the progress of workers can be given to employers or occupational health departments.

If workers are unable to work due to their injury, BainsPhysio™ can arrange to see them at our clinics. Our experienced Physiotherapists will provide the best possible treatment, advice and adaptations to facilitate return to work in the shortest time possible. When the employee’s treatment is completed advice can be given regarding possible implementations and adaptations to prevent a reoccurrence of the injury.

Ergonomic Work Station Assessments


BainsPhysio™ provides an on-site assessment and training in ergonomics. Individual workstation assessments, back care awareness classes and group manual handling training sessions can all be provided


Every year approximately 40% of the working population in the Asia suffers from back pain with a further 20% complaining of aches in their arms and legs. Work-related musculo-skeletal problems cost the governments some 10 billion US dollars each year to face losses in predictability.

ERGONOMICS conditions that are poor cause many of the above problems. An ERGONOMIC ASSESSMENT gives the employee an individual workstation assessment and postural advice. The aim of the assessment is to identify and remove risk factors that would minimize the risk of current or future health problems or reduced work performance.

Risk factors may be related to working posture, the design or set up of the work area, equipment design, or simply the way in which the worker carries out a task.

It should become a legal necessity for employers to carry out workstation assessments under Health and Safety Display Screen Equipment Regulation under ways to be implemented in Malaysia, but correct office ergonomics is proven to have a positive effect on the health of the workforce and is reflected in the company’s overall performance.

Assessment and Report

A Physiotherapist will spend 30-60 minutes with an individual employee and a report would be produced following a thorough assessment. This report will highlight any problems identified by the assessor. The report will also provide recommendations for changes, if required, to work equipment (e.g. office chair, keyboard etc.), work-station lay-out, training or task design.

A list of known suppliers and cost estimates will be provided wherever a change or alteration to equipment is advised.


Synopsis of Neck and Back Care Classes/Talks

BainsPhysio™ provides group back care education and advice at the workplace. These sessions can be both educational and team building. The outcome of the classes can be designed around the requirements of the employer and employees. The classes would normally discuss the basic structure and biomechanics of the spine, potentially dangerous postures and explain why they are dangerous. Correct posture and body movement in standing and during handling is often demonstrated and practiced within the group. A program of basic exercises can also be taught to continue with at work and home to improve spinal strength and flexibility. Employers often request that part of the class be spent discussing the management of common injuries within the particular workplace, such as acute lower back and neck pain.

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