Stroke Physiotherapy

Role of a Physiotherapy

Modern man has changed their habits dramatically: Stress, Eating habits, financial commitments, living demands that have exposed human body to inevitable physical changes bringing about diseases like Diabetes, hypertension and Stroke.

Stroke is now very commonly a disorder of the brain that manifests weakness in the body. Stroke can have a serious impact on movement, sensation, balance and co-ordination and the aim of physiotherapy is to help regain as many of these abilities as possible. The severity of the stroke will dictate how much recovery is possible, but physiotherapy works to maximize potential recovery.

Normally a stroke affects one side of the body and the affected side will often feel weak and heavy. This makes it more difficult for the person to move. In order to compensate for the weaker side, the stronger side becomes dominant and overactive to compensate for the weaker side. This means that a person who has had a stroke will tend to rely heavily on the stronger side of their body.

Stroke Physiotherapy is carried out both inside and outside hospital.


In hospital treatment

In the hospital, physiotherapists will work with the stroke victims to teach them the needed skills of activities to be carried out at home, ability to move safely around their home.

People who have had suffered stroke will have to undergo physiotherapy sessions in the Physiotherapy Clinics by visiting it regularly.

The shock to the family is something that needs to be tackled.  They are normally left in the state of shock and much is needed to educate them to deal with the situation properly. Having a stroke is life-changing; there are chances that the victim and their family may have to change the lifestyle entirely to face new challenges and circumstances.

Outside the hospital

Our therapist will first assess your condition and help you and your family to understand any problems or impairments. We at BainsPhysio will then work with you to help improve the specific problems and what is expected of the family or the victim himself if he or she is well orientated with space and time.

Physiotherapy after the victim has been discharged from hospital is very important under a proper supervision of qualified Physiotherapist.  It is very important for our Physiotherapists to visit the home environment for us to assess and recommendation for certain modifications.   

At our centre we will assess the alignment and activity of various body parts, and the physiotherapy treatment will focus on getting the affected side by the stroke to move more effectively and design a specialized program choosing from an elementary level to complex level for rehabilitation of the stroke victims to improve them to near normal.

Appointment and proper follow-up is very important.

What we at BainsPhysio Do?

Individual assessment and treatment is the best way to plan physiotherapy to help with specific problems            
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