Return To Work
Rehabilitation Program

BainsPhysio™ have helped many people successfully return to and maintain a normal working life, despite previously being absent from work for long periods of time due to massive accidents and ailment. Our treatment, management and rehabilitation of patient’s work-related injuries are cost effective when compared with the business costs of absenteeism.

BainsPhysio™  ‘Back to Work Program’ involves simultaneously decreasing pain and restoring function with carefully planned active treatment and self-management.  This Program is specifically designed to help people return to all their normal daily activities after an accident or injury.
This holistic programme of individual treatment sessions is designed to overcome both the physical problems associated with an injury and the psychosocial impacts due to injury.

Initial Assessment

BainsPhysio™ program commences with Initial Functional Assessment (IFA) of the patients current abilities and also the limitations.  We generate IFA score.  The score is the ratio between the ability and the disability of the patients seen by us.

This makes it easy to use system that allows our Physiotherapists, along with the patient, the patient’s Case Manager and the patient’s employer, to monitor the patient’s progress

At the end of the initial assessment SHORT TERM and LONG TERM goals are discussed, agreed and set between the Physiotherapist and the patient.

Following this initial assessment BainsPhysio™ can provide a comprehensive medico-legal reporting service


BainsPhysio™ is able to see patients in a variety of settings;

1.    At their  home as Home Visits
2.    Clinic Visits
3.    Gym Sessions at the PHYSIOfitness™ Feel Good Centre

The location of the initial assessment and treatment sessions is largely dependent on patient preference, the nature and severity of the injury and the type of job or previous activity levels of the patient.

The Back-to-Work Program typically lasts for 8-14 weeks using evidence-based treatment protocols. The detailed initial assessment and goal setting allow our Physiotherapists to formulate tailor-made treatment program specific to the patient’s needs.

We aim to motivate and connect patients with an attitude of independence, and responsibility to their own future health and wellbeing.

Kind of treatment we provide

  • Joint Screening – Pre-requisite this Educates the patient and equips them with the understanding of their body’s function condition, the effects and importance of treatments, injury prevention and self-management
  • Electro-Therapeutic Modalities
  • Exercise Therapy and Mobilization
  • Movement – Therapy using data & evidence base latest technique
  • Massage Therapy
  • Far Infra Red Health Cabins
  • Personalized Graduated  Exercise Program - to counteract post-injury muscle weaknesses and imbalances. It is very important, to reduce the risk of re-injury, that muscle strength is nearing full strength prior to return to work.
  • Specific work conditioning - performed with most patients to improve strength, endurance, and postural tolerances prior to return to work.
  • Manual Handling and Postural / Ergonomic Advice – if relevant, common types and mechanisms of manual handling injuries can be discussed in relation to the identification and reduction of risks during work practices and the demonstration and practice of basic handling techniques. Workstation ergonomics and the principles of postural awareness can also be discussed if appropriate.
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) - acknowledging and overcoming unhelpful thoughts & beliefs, and fear-avoidance behavior.

Final Assessment

Following the assessment a final report (with the informed consent of the patient) will provide a summary of the treatments, goals, and patient progression and IFA outcome measures. An analysis of these functional measures, along with the return to work decisions of the assessing Physiotherapist will

Give reports to the Doctors In-charge,

Case Managers

Employers concerned.



The Patient themselves. (We at BainsPhysio™ are creating an NGO “Society of the Movement Impaired People” with limitation of mobility, to educate and empower them about their disabilities and accessibility into the social living. In the same time to link them for constant communication with the doctors, Physiotherapists, the managers to carry out effective recovery or manage the disabilities)   

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