Medico Legal

BainsPhysio Chief Consultant is consulted by many Lawyers taking up medico legal cases to justify quantum for compensation to medical negligence. The justification has been an accepted document in the Courts of Malaysia. The judgement has been reference to many new cases in neurological or orthopedic acquired deficiencies. 


We can be consulted for legal reporting by contacting our main head office at Melawati.  Our staff with guide the legal offices the detail charges of report writing, appearance as expert witness in Klang Valley and also in various different states.

We then document:

  • Physiotherapy assessment, treatment and recommendation to gadgets required throughout the lifespan of a victim with valuation and aging
  • Individual Return-to-Work  step down care and  Program.
  • Advice to Personal Injury Lawyers regarding their client's injuries and justification of gadgets required utilized throughout the life.
  • Comprehensive medico-legal reporting service.

The Senior and Consultant Physiotherapists at BainsPhysio™ are fully qualified to produce medico-legal reports regarding patients’ injuries. As Physiotherapists see numerous soft tissue and musculo-skeletal injuries and disabilities, they generally spend more time with the patient than any other health professionals.  This enables the physiotherapist to provide comprehensive, realistic reports using the experience to provide an insight into degree of disability and potential recovery near to normal.

Our reports can be produced within 1 week of initial assessment and may include:

  • Subjective and Objective summary of the musculoskeletal assessment ascertaining areas of abnormality.
  • Degree of Functional Disability with reference to the patient's activities of daily living, work and leisure.
  • Diagnosis and Prognosis of the patient's condition and to determine if the patient has recovery potential.
  • Realistic therapy Goal orientated and patient’s expectations.
  • Advice regarding Appropriate Referral to other health professionals.
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