About Us

Physiotherapy is a scientific and proven treatment, which involves understanding of state of Body Structure, cultural, physiological and social factors which affect your health.

BainsPhysio™ is a 35 year old, well-respected specialized family physiocare-clinic, including a special units and expertise that offer musculo-skeletal counsel and treatments for people nearing 40 and over 40 years of age. 

Our panel of experienced Physiotherapists provides ‘Physio Therapeutic Programmes’ & ‘Post–Treatment and Surgery Physio Care’ for those who have had injuries, serious illnesses, stroke etc. A complete physical evaluation is conducted before recommending a fully-monitored and well-guided programme, with ergonomic advice for quicker results.  

In institutionalizing a ‘Healthy Approach to Life’, we at BainsPhysio™ realize the need for personalized attention for maintaining health, especially after the age of 40. The wear and tear of your physical body, the strain of modern lifestyle, and emotional challenges really pose a threat to your healthy being as you approach 40.  Therefore, we have introduced a unique Screening, Assessment and Treatment programme for those of you who are celebrating life at and after 40 years of age.  

Supported by our caring and friendly Physiotherapists and staff, we make aging 40 and beyond a happy and healthy news.


Personalized Physio-Solutions are available at BainsPhysio™ including Physiofitness™  – Feel Good Centre designed for you if you are 40 year old or more – with special programmes for Diabetics, Hypertensive individuals, Weak & Aged, Physically Disabled, Slimming, Toning, Back to work,  Grooming and Geriatric and Well being Program. We also have PhysioAssist Yoga, Therapeutic Dance, PhysioAssist Massage Therapy, FIR Health Cabins and Foot Hygiene etc.