As they say, Yoga is a universal form of exercise both for the mind and the spirit. Yoga is scientifically proven, holistic way to keep your body fit, with its innumerable postures, stretches, and overall motion. It helps for relaxation through controlled breathing, meditation and postural techniques.

We at Physiofitness believe that a well prescribed and disciplined Yoga programme can rejuvenate your body, mind and soul in a very special way.

Our Hattah Yoga Instructor work hand-in-hand with our trained Physiotherapists to educate you about the benefits of Yoga and also recommend you exercises to suit your health needs.  Usually, we prescribe a Joint-Screening program for identifying your body's’ limitations, weaknesses as well as underlying muscular insufficiencies, if any. Your report or case is then referred to our Yoga Instructor, who designs or modifies the most suitable and effective Yoga postures.



Class conducted for physiotherapist to quality ’yoga base stretching for physiotherapist’ – conducted at our Sangi- studio.