Joint Screening

The existence of OUR body is not a random accident.  It is the most  wonderful and a  Perfect  machine ever created on this earth.
If you took the DNA in your body – all of it – and laid it out end to end, it would stretch for 50 billion kilometers! That’s from the earth to beyond the solar system
Your brain has the capacity to store the amount of information contained in 25 million books
The average brain makes a thousand trillion computations per second
Your ear has about a million moving parts
Your nose can determine 10,000 different smells
Your body has 450 “touch” cells per square inch
The heart, in an average lifetime, beats 2.5 billion times – without rest
There are enough blood vessels in your body to wrap the earth 2 ½ times
Your body contains more atoms than there are stars in the universe

Amei (OT) & physio student (Chua & Thomas) at Tenaga Malaysia during the health awareness camp.