Welcome to Pysiofitness

It’s good to be here… the right place for the right kind of exercises.

In line with our health counsel and care recommended for those of you over 40 years of age, PhysioAssist is the only fitness centre and gym in Malaysia which is well-equipped for those of you who are not going to physiotherapy, but would like to keep yourself fit and gracefully age. The state-of-the-art equipments, also with special designs / mechanisms supporting Physiotherapy have been imported from Europe, to provide best-in-class prescriptions.

PhysioAssist Gym welcomes everyone from all age groups including children for strengthening the muscles and for overall physiocare, all under the supervision of trained professionals. Our panels of Physiotherapists are trained to recommend programs based on your health goals and requirements which could vary from Passive to Passive-Active components or Active to Active-Resisted components.