About Us

Physiofitness™ - Feel Good Centre, has been the product of our experience with diverse medical cases and patients at BainsPhysio over years of practice & experience. One of the most common problems expressed by our regular members is the need to maintain their overall healthy physical condition. And as we move towards 40 years of age, it becomes even more critical to constantly monitor and understand your physical or musculoskeletal well-being.  

Therefore, we introduced Physiofitness with customized fitness and wellness programmes for one and all, after we do our unique Joint Screening Programme more recommended (for those in their 40s).


Some of the key programmes which we prescribe are:



At Physiofitness, we promise you nothing less than an absolute way to a Healthy Lifestyle.

This Centre is open to all who seek healthy lifestyle.

Joint Screening” is a prerequisite and recommended before you join any of the above programs at Physiofitness™ - Feel Good Centre.

The Screening is carried out by our professional and trained Physiotherapists. For an early appointment or for a complimentary ‘Joint Screening’ at our centre, kindly write to us or contact us at our BainsPhysio office.

In line with our Corporate Vision – To evolve into a holistic health advisor and cater to the overall fitness and wellness requirements of individuals -  at Physiofitness we strive hard to help people appreciate the Goodness of a Healthy Lifestyle and also the need for preventive healthcare.

Preventive Healthcare advocates proper check-up, care, supervision, and maintenance of your physiological and biological wellness, to avoid any compounded injuries or illnesses common with aging, which is also our Philosophy.

Hence, at Physiofitness™, we believe that every human body is unique and needs a different kind of care and supervision and therefore the diagnosis and prescriptions always differ from individual to individual.

  Our mission at Physiofitness™ has also been to enhance the quality of life of those who are growing 40 and beyond. It is a preventive and measures which can avoid joint paint and discomfort at your aging life.  

We even organize professional talks and workshops on Fitness and Healthy Living to educate you while undergoing prescribed programmes.