About Us
These programs will be carried out by the networking systems that is already in place.

Our affiliates and partners over these countries are in the process of negotiation and in some cases we have principally agreed to have the courses conducted in their respective countries.
Our internal marketing strategy emphasises educating authorities (private and government) on the 6 core services provided by ACUMEN and its impact on the healthcare services provided by medical and paramedical sector both in government and private hospitals & clinics, especially to achieve 2020 target of being a developed country with one of the world’s best healthcare systems.

We have extended our network with all professional bodies, councils and governmental agencies to keep track of demands within the industry and then address to it promptly. Our educational procedures will also include mailings or newsletters to update on our services. Above all standard operation procedures will be designed for ACUMEN to improve overall efficiency of its procedures, and maintain relations with both the clients and our affiliates/partners.

BAINS group has its reputation built over the past 20 years in the area of allied healthcare and have built a ‘BAINS LOYAL’ line of clients, the elite community including statesmen and the members of the royal family of Malaysia. We are now planning aggressive reputation building exercises by increasing our participation in community activities.

Our Mission


To Catalyse…

  • Cost Effective,
  • Outcome Assured,
  • Quality Healthcare Practices,
    … focused to Improve the Quality of life for Patients and health and wellbeing seekers.

Positioning Statement

ACUMEN addresses to the recent trends and demands in the field of health and allied healthcare, providing services those that are in demand but also creating programs which are capable of formulating its own market. A broad focus in the services includes; Training and education, Facility designing, development and maintenance, Physician relation programs, Disease management programs, Community involvement programs and other professional services. All this provides ACUMEN with a broader ‘war chest’.

Market Needs and Trends

A dramatic increase in demand of allied health services is now seen globally as people are now seeking out for cost effective ways to maintain good state of health, and so is in Malaysia and this part of the world. More over most medical and paramedical service providers are now looking out for ways to diversify means of income generation and also providing the most up-to-date services to its clients, and that is exactly where AHIMSA comes in to help through its various programs. And the market trend consistently shows mushrooming of health and allied health services investing in this hot market. This increase in demands give a promising future to  AHIMSA, as we are in position to deliver programs demanded by the market from time to time and also design programs which would then create its own market.


Business Participants

Market research does not show any body providing the similar services as  AHIMSA within Malaysia as of now which will aggressively be utilized. A gross picture of similar service providers within Asia shows geographic imbalances which will allow  AHIMSA to go international.


Value Proposition

 AHIMSA will adhere to certain philosophies to ensure ongoing commitment to excellence. The philosophies will be focused on business development, up keeping professional attitude, keeping services a step ahead of time, adapting, and updating newer target markets, finding means to access and market to each of them